Food Ordering System Packed with Features

Simple but powerful features which makes our platform the right choice for success.


Designed for Multi-Site Operators

Platopus Delivery is built from the ground up for multi-site operation. From shop-specific permissions to full control of pricing tiers and availability by location type, our system is packed with features to which make handling tens or hundreds of sites a breeze.

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Branded to your Website

We provide you with a site and ensure we match the look and feel of your existing website. Your website is an online representation of your shops and we provide a customer friendly interface, allowing them to quickly service their catering needs. You also have many areas on the site that you can modify in the management console, allowing you to make changes as you see fit.


Mobile Dashboard App

We will provide you a digital dashboard interface that will aggregate and visualise your orders. See your orders on a dashboard and map view across the whole estate, and take control on the go.


Sales Growth via Customer Confidence

Our fourth generation system contains features which keep customers ordering and makes their lives easy. Customers can place orders up to 10 days in advance of the required delivery day, edit orders, postpone them when meetings move and even invite other users at their sites to place or manage orders.

On average, customers who order regularly sign-in, place their order and are on their way in around 90 seconds.

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Built in Customer CRM

Our systems also allow you to manage your existing clients but also aid in growing your database with new customers. The system has the ability to manage your customers data so that you can ensure you can target and communicate with your clients regularly.  


Minimal Staff Training

The quality of your delivery business will depend on your staff and we have made the back-of-house interface simple and intuitive so that your Ops team can train staff to use the system quickly and confidently.

Centralised monitoring of kitchen activities allows hundred of locations to be overseen and possible problems intercepted by as few as one or two delivery managers.


PCI Secure Payment / Compliance 

Yes our solution complies with PCI DSS and we have a proven track record of compliance in conjunction with our customer's requirements across their stores and secure online payments.


Speed of Service SLA

We understand that our customers have exemplary standards in their shops and we reflect those standards by ensuring that your customers have a great experience online.

Unique in the industry we offer an SLA which guarantees to process an order from the customer clicking 'Confirm' to the order being processed, the email sent and the customer seeing a 'Thank You' page within 5 seconds. In the past 12 months our average has been 1.5 seconds!