Website Ordering

Integrate website ordering system into your website and maximise your online revenue


Integrated into your business

Our delivery system integrates into Platopus Retail our Product Management System , meaning that your products and shop information are always up-to-date, this is a first in the industry.


Made for Multi-Site Operators

Platopus Delivery is built from the ground up for multi-site operation. From shop-specific permissions to full control of pricing tiers and availability by location type, our system is packed with features to which make handling tens or hundreds of sites a breeze.


Branded to your website

We provide you with a site and ensure we match the look and feel of your existing website. Your website is an online representation of your shops and we provide a customer friendly interface, allowing them to quickly service their catering needs. You also have many areas on the site that you can modify in the management console, allowing you to make changes as you see fit.