Can’t wait to see you at Hostech 2019

Which we think is such a fantastic show...we sponsored it.

Our very own Yousaf Shah is taking the stage just after lunch to talk about the important topic of allergen product labeling and how to make sure that this data is correctly published everywhere your customer will see it.

See the agenda here:

Wednesday 30 January 2019
Ham Yard Hotel, London

The promise of digital technologies, to help operators deliver outstanding hospitality experiences, is seductive. But how to navigate this complex and rapidly developing landscape, in challenging times, to make the right decision for your business?

1.50pm – Managing data on allergens

Displaying allergens on food labelling is a hot topic at the moment. Following the allergen-related death of a Pret customer, the eating out sector has pledged to learn from this tragedy. Yousaf Shah, managing director, Data Therapy will thus address how operators are managing data on allergens.

Kieran saunders
Platopus Delivery v1.34 now available on the App Store

The Platopus Delivery Platform is designed from the ground up for Retail and Food-to-go chains and franchises, businesses already thriving through thousands of existing walk-in customers. The ordering platform allows you to extend and grow your customer base by supplying food for meetings, events and business breakfast and lunches to those customers and many new ones.

The Platopus Delivery iOS app is a companion tool for the Platopus Delivery Platform. It allows management to get an overview of the deliveries and collections for the day to help provide the visibility to ensure that your operation is running smoothly.

What's New in Version 1.34

Support for Push Notifications, get notified of delivery events as they happen.

Several minor bug and cosmetic fixes.

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